So Another Year Has Passed…

second anniversary cake

Today is the second anniversary of Debunking Denialism!

A lot of things has happened since the first anniversary.

1. During the first year, only 30 entries were posted. Debunking Denialism is now at 122 posts (including this one), so the rate of new content has increased by almost a factor of three, fulfilling the goal set forth in the previous anniversary post.

2. The website has also expanded in terms of variety of content, making posts about such things as the poverty of race realism, the dangers with physical abuse of children, the abuse of statistics by some men’s rights activists, the abuse of biology by some radical feminists, praxeology, pH quackery as well as a few posts against the more traditional forms of pseudoscience covered on this blog, such as creationism and anti-psychiatry. The two most viewed article from this year, by a broad margin, are How to Limit Groupthink in the Skeptical Community and Some Falsehoods about the Y chromosome and Male Brains, the latter getting many comments (currently at 76) compared with most posts.

3. The average number of visitors per month has increased from a little over 100 to almost 1600. To what extent these are real readers and not just spammers, I do not know.

Where do I see this blog in another year? Hopefully I am able to put out more content faster and more regular in a way that is both broad (covering many different forms of pseudoscience) and deep (being able to dig deep into a topic and clear out the bunk effectively). Not just for my own learning and entertainment, but also for spreading scientific skepticism online.

Emil Karlsson

Debunker of pseudoscience.

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