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New Medium Primer: Five Ways GMOs Benefit The Environment

Five Ways GMOs Benefit The Environment

Debunking Denialism has recently expanded onto the social journalism platform Medium where magazines, professional writers and any really any user can write posts about topics that matter to them. It is part of an effort of Debunking Denialism to reach more people outside of the skeptical movement and encourage people to accept mainstream scientific facts about things like vaccines, GMOs, climate change and so on. It might also help to reach people who are stuck in a social media filter bubble, since Medium is a platform that is very open and accessible.

In particular, Medium is optimized for brief and condensed post with a hard-hitting and persuasive message. It is thus suitable for reaching new people with information about science and skepticism. The first Medium article published by Debunking Denialism is called Five Ways GMOs Benefit The Environment. At first glance, it appears to be a clickbait listicle like any other, but it delivers in terms of content and also uses crucial scientific references to back up all major claims.

The idea is to get the attention of people who care about the environment and has heard something about GMOs but are uncommitted to any particular stance on GMOs. Because it is a short read (3 minute according to the Medium estimate), it can easily be read to the end within the attention span of a lot of people. Currently, it has been viewed by almost 400 users and read by over 200, getting it a read ratio of 60%, which looks descent.

Go read it, spread it on social media and hit the heart at the bottom to help it reach more people on Medium. You can register with an email and login is without a password because they sent a login link to your email every time you want to log on.

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3 responses to “New Medium Primer: Five Ways GMOs Benefit The Environment

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  2. mdfinfer February 20, 2017 at 18:03

    I think this is ingenious. I never would have thought to do something like this. The trick it to get them placed prominently enough to get lots of views.

    Spread out to thing like vaccines and so-called alternative medicine, which I and many others can help with.

    Keep up the good work!

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