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New Medium Primer: Three Things You Need To Know About Multiple Testing

Three things to know about multiple testing

Anti-science activists often abuse multiple testing. Here is some basic information that you need to know in order to get up to speed on the issue.

Read the full primer here: Three Things You Need To Know About Multiple Testing. Remember to hit the heart at the bottom of the primer to help other people find it.

Medium is a social journalism platform where you can write about just about anything. Debunking Denialism has expanded to this platform to reach new audiences with brief and hard-hitting primers. The first Medium primer that Debunking Denialism posted was Five Ways GMOs Benefit The Environment that covered a couple of crucial environmental benefits with genetically modified organisms.

In particular, this contributes to reaching people outside the skeptical movement and might even expose people who are stuck in their filter bubbles to new and exciting information. Both this and the former post is written to look like clickbait listicles, but they actually deliver. Bait people in and then persuade them with good content.

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