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The Debunking Denialism Knowledge Base is a collection of evidence-based refutations to common pseudoscientific claims about science, skepticism, HIV/AIDS, GMOs, vaccines, climate, evolution and psychiatry.

Each section below contains a list of facts. Each fact is discussed on a separate page using evidence-based debunking methodology. The core fact is emphasized at the start, warnings given before introducing the myth, the gap filled with knowledge and high-quality references to the scientific literature and popular science treatments.

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Knowledge Base: Skepticism

Scientific skepticism is an approach that is based on evaluating questionable claims using scientific evidence, logic, reason and critical thinking. Many people and groups do not like to have their ideological beliefs questioned. A common reaction they have to skeptical investigation is to make up myths about skepticism. This section aims to refuse those claims.


Knowledge Base: Science

Science is one of the most effective methods for gaining reliable knowledge about the empirical world, from spacecrafts to cures for human diseases and thousands of other profound discoveries. Anti-science activists threaten to undermine the knowledge that science has brought us and want to replace it with misinformation and ignorance.


Knowledge Base: HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS is one of the most well-studied relationships between any pathogen and its disease. HIV is a real virus that causes AIDS. It can be spread via sex (vaginal, anal and oral). Condoms protect against spreading HIV. HIV tests are highly accurate. Medication against HIV/AIDS are highly effective. HIV/AIDS denialism spreads dangerous misinformation that kills people.


Knowledge Base: GMOs

Humans have been genetically modifying plants for their own benefit for over ten thousand years. Modern biotechnology allows us to make small, precise and well-known changes to crops to eliminate toxins, enrich with vitamin precursors, or boost yield. The methods are highly effective and at least as safe as conventional methods. Anti-GMO activists neglect climate change, loss of arable land and population growth.


Knowledge Base: Vaccines

Modern medicine has allowed us to save the lives of hundreds of millions of people from vaccine-preventable diseases. Vaccines are safe and effective ways of preventing dangerous diseases such as measles, polio, diphtheria and many others. Due to anti-vaccine activists, diseases that were decimated by vaccines are now coming back and causing outbreaks.


Knowledge Base: Evolution

Modern scientific research has demonstrated that all life on earth is related via common descent and that life has changed over time in response to environmental processes. This has provided insights artificial selection, genetic modification, computer science and human disease diagnostics. Creationists reject scientific evidence in favor of religious extremism.


Knowledge Base: Climate

There is a current warming trend and humans are to a large extend the main factors behind it. This has caused and will cause substantial and considerable climate change as well as harm to both human and other animal and plant communities. Climate deniers want to ignore the massive scientific evidence and the scientific consensus due to political or religious ideology.


Knowledge Base: Psychiatry

Mental illness is just as real as physical illness in any other parts of the body. It cannot be treated with fake cures, eating alkaline food or mere positive thinking. Many forms of medication and psychotherapy are safe and effective. Anti-psychiatry activists promote mental illness denial, mental illness stigma as well as fearmonger about treatments.

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