Scientific conclusions are based on evidence

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Science is one of the most effective methods for gaining reliable knowledge about the empirical world, from spacecrafts to cures for human diseases and thousands of other profound discoveries. Anti-science activists threaten to undermine the knowledge that science has brought us and want to replace it with misinformation and ignorance.

Fact: Scientific conclusions are based on evidence


Scientific conclusions are based on evidence from empirical investigations, such as experiments or clinical trials.


Scientific conclusions are the result of scientific research where scientists test their ideas about the world against experimental data to find out what claims are supported by evidence and which are refuted by evidence.

What sets science apart from many other human endeavors that claim to provide you with the truth about the world is that science tests its claims against experimental data. If the data supports an idea (called hypothesis), the confidence in it grows. The research is then reviewed by experts for accuracy (peer-review) and published in the scientific literature. This is the start of the conversation, not the end.

Once it is independently replicated by other researchers or additional evidence has accumulated, it becomes accepted by the scientific community as a reliable description of how the world works and put into its proper context with other facts, laws, explanations and mechanisms. Together, these are called a scientific model. This model can then be further tested against empirical data to increase our knowledge of the world.

However, many anti-science activists ignore this and instead falsely claim that science is merely based on authority or faith. This is wrong because it all boils down to whether experimental data supports a model or not, not what an authority says. Because science is based on evidence, it is not based on faith.

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