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Scientific reality is more awe-inspiring than misinformation

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Science is one of the most effective methods for gaining reliable knowledge about the empirical world, from spacecrafts to cures for human diseases and thousands of other profound discoveries. Anti-science activists threaten to undermine the knowledge that science has brought us and want to replace it with misinformation and ignorance.

Fact: Scientific reality is more awe-inspiring than misinformation


The world that science reveals to us is awe-inspiring because it explains nature and is based on evidence.


Science can explain a wide range of phenomena from the diversity of life on earth and the rainbow to galaxies and black holes. This marvelous mountain of knowledge inspires awe and wonder because it makes the inexplicable understandable and because it is based on evidence. It is far superior to any myth, fairy tale or piece of misinformation.

Through the last few centuries, science has explain the origin of the diversity of life, cured diseases, found stars and planets, invented airplanes and computers and found answers to some of the deepest questions that humans have ever asked themselves. This knowledge mass and the excitement of finding out answers to currently unanswered questions tickles our imagination and provide us with enough awe and wonder to satisfy us for a lifetime.

Some anti-science activists falsely accuse science of making things mundane and dull. This is wrong because a scientific explanation for a phenomena (such as the rainbow, tides or how different organisms change over time) just increases the beauty and wonders of reality. It cannot subtract. This is because now you know not just the beauty of a thing, but also the fascinating knowledge of how it works and came about.

– Dawkins, R. (1998). Unweaving the Rainbow: Science, Delusion and the Appetite for Wonder. New York: Houghton Mifflin.

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