Resource Types

The Debunking Denialism section on free high-quality science resource come in six different forms: textbooks, video lectures, lecture notes, papers, primers and websites. In this menu, you can find feeds specific for a resource type. In other words, if you prefer to learn from watching video lectures or reading papers, you can click on one of the categories below to get only that kind of content.


Textbooks are entire books focused on a particular scientific field or topic, typically several hundred pages long. They are suitable for a specific course at a university or for self-learning.

Video Lectures

Video lectures are collections of filmed lectures that many universities have put online for anyone to view. This allows you to get the same learning experience as a student physically taking the course. Watch the lecturer talk and write on the blackboard, take your own notes, rewind and so on.

Lecture Notes

Lecture notes are condensed notes that a lecturer has prepared to go with their lectures. It is not as complete or pedagogic as a textbook, but contains crucial information in a simple format.


Scientific papers are condensed reports of experiments carried out or a review of a particular scientific subject. They are often only a couple of pages long, but are packed with knowledge waiting to be absorbed.


Websites are locations of the Internet filled with content. In this context, it refers to high-quality educational websites focused on scientific topics.

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