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Proponents of pseudoscience and science denial has exploited social media platforms to spread their misinformation to millions of pages. They also attack scientists and even organized abuse of the reporting function against many science and skeptical accounts and pages.

Here is a list of official social media pages and accounts related to me and my website on places such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit. I have also included information about the contact email for this website. This is the complete list of all of my social media accounts and pages that are both official and active. The information is always current.

Debunking Denialism

Debunking Denialism is a website that refutes pseudoscience and quackery, such as creationism, alternative medicine, anti-GMO activists, anti-vaccine activists, climate deniers and many others.

Defending Science

Defending Science gathers high-quality textbooks, video lectures and science papers on physics, chemistry, biology, math, psychology and coding.


Most of the above social media accounts focus on the respective brand. I also have other places were I cover broader topics and share my opinions on things.


If I comment on other blogs (and this is only done rarely), I either use my gravatar profile or my disqus profile.

If I comment on YouTube videos, this is done on the Debunking Denialism account linked above.

Contact email

The contact email for Debunking Denialism can be found at the bottom of the about page. However, due to getting a lot of automated spam, it is disguised in text. You can find the contact email for Defending Science using a similar method. You can also tweet me.

Credit: find all credits at the about page.

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