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This is the knowledge library of the Debunking Denialism website.

The knowledge library contains links to many textbooks, papers, video lectures and other resources on a wide range of scientific topics. This includes biology, chemistry, physics, earth sciences, social sciences, mathematics and research skills.

The science resources are organized by subject, subtopic and resource type, such as immunology textbooks type being filed under the subtopic immunology that in turn is filled under the subject of biology.


Biology is the science of life and includes subtopics such as behavioral biology, biotechnology, ecology, epidemiology, evolutionary biology, genetics and genomics, medical biology, molecular biology and immunology.

Behavioral Biology

Behavioral biology examines animal and human behavior in the context of evolution, ecology, neuroscience, endocrinology and psychology.

Behavioral biology video lectures


Biotechnology is an applied field that applies biological lab methods to produce new and exciting products such as genetically modified organisms that can resist pests or remediate soils that have too much salt.

Biotechnology papers


Ecology looks at the interplay of organisms and ecosystems.

Ecology video lectures


Epidemiology focuses on the prevalence, incidence and cause of diseases.

Epidemiology textbooks

Evolutionary Biology

Evolutionary biology examines how all organisms on the planet are related to each other and the origin of biological novelty.

Evolutionary biology video lectures

Genetics and genomics

Genetics and genomics seeks to understand how genes work and how they interact with the environment in the cell.

Genetics and genomics textbooks

Genetics and genomics papers

Medical biology

Medical biology looks at the role that biology plays in the origin of diseases.

Medical biology textbooks

Molecular biology

Molecular biology examines the role of macromolecules such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates and nucleic acids.

Molecular biology textbooks

Molecular biology papers


Immunology focuses on how the body defends itself from harmful pathogens and when the immune system goes out of control and creates autoimmune diseases.

Immunology textbooks

Immunology papers

Immunology video lectures


Chemistry is the science of chemical substances, how they form compounds and interact with each other. It contains subtopics such as general chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, electrochemistry and many others.

General chemistry

General chemistry is for chemistry resources that do not fit into any specific category or cover the basics of the subject of chemistry.

General chemistry video lectures

Earth science

Earth science investigates things like volcanos, the climate, earthquakes and other features of the planet.

Climate science

Climate science investigates how the climate work, what factors affect it and modelling of future climate.

Climate science textbooks


Geology examines processes in the lithosphere of the planet.

Geology papers


Mathematics is the language of science that is unique in its ability to express deep scientific concepts in a way that is explicit, non-contradictory, unambiguous and has simple components.

General mathematics

General mathematics is for mathematics resources that do not fit into any other category or cover the basics of the subject.

General mathematics textbooks


Cryptography is about mathematical tools and functions used to scramble and unscramble sensitive information that needs to be protected from adversaries.

Cryptography video lectures

Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra is mathematics that involve matrices and determinants.

Linear algebra video lectures


Statistics describes empirical data and tries to find out what conclusions are justified from some dataset.

Statistics papers


Psychology is the science of the brain, mind and behavior.

General psychology

General psychology is psychology that does not fit into any particular category or cover the basics of the subject.

General psychology video lectures

Cognitive psychology

Cognitive psychology focuses on cognitive processes in both health and mental illness.

Cognitive psychology papers

Social sciences

Social sciences are the sciences of human societies. This includes sociology, law and many other topics. Topics such as history and psychology are sometimes grouped in this more broader category but they are treated as separate subjects in this list.


The subject of law looks at how legal systems work and what different legal philosophies entail.

Law video lectures

Research skills

This is a general category that includes useful information on general research skills such as giving presentations, writing papers, selecting a research area and so on.

Research skills papers

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