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Shaquille O’Neal Claims The Earth is Flat

Shaq claims the Earth is flat

Flat Earth was never a belief that was wildly accepted by scholars or experts. Even the ancient Greeks knew that the Earth was more like a sphere from multiple, independent lines of evidence. They even made a decent estimate of the circumference of the entire planet using basic mathematics and observations of shadows. It is a common myth that people in the Middle Ages thought that the Earth was flat and that Columbus risked travelling over the edge. The real reason people did not believe that the Columbus voyage would be successful was because they believe that it would be too long.

However, minor pockets of flat Earth activists has existed for a long time and continues to do so today. Initially dismissed as mere parody, many well-known celebrities, musicians, artists, and athlete have revealed that they believe the earth is flat, including Tila Tequila, B. o. B and Kyrie Irving. Now it looks like Shaq might be joining that crew.

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The Scientific Ignorance of Stasia Bliss – Part V: Dark Matter

Note: This is the fifth installment in an article series debunking the massive amount of pseudoscientific claims made by Stasia Bliss. This time, her crank beliefs about dark matter are debunked. For more posts in this series, see the introduction post here.

Bliss on Dark Matter

As this article series reaches the halfway mark, it is worth highlighting the most egregious errors made by Stasia Bliss. Previously, she has made a number of claims that are demonstrably false: the absurd claim that individuals with cystic fibrosis caused their own genetic condition because of their eating habits and negative thoughts, that eating genetically modified foods made you less human, that staring into the sun is not harmful and that the activity gives you the power to use astral projection and that the DNA double helix contains twelve strands. It is extremely important to emphasize that her beliefs are not just unsupported by the evidence. Many of them are actually directly harmful for people, such as her encouragement to stare into the sun or her insistent victim-blaming when it comes to cystic fibrosis. According to Alexa, Guardian Express (unrelated to the Guardian Newspaper) has over 50000 unique daily visitors and over 3 million monthly page views. With such an audience, Stasia Bliss has the potential to be a very dangerous person.

In this installment, we will continue to dissect the pseudoscientific claims made by self-described “master alchemist” and the “High Priestess of Qi Vesta” Stasia Bliss. This time, we turn to the her writings on the topic of dark matter. Despite her assertions to the contrary, dark matter is not something our consciousness invented to prevent us from observing parts of reality we are not ready for yet, the existence of unsolved questions does not diminish our current knowledge, the notion that the earth was flat was not a widespread belief, 100% of non-coding DNA is not functional, new age cranks have not been communicating with aliens for thousands of years, DNA and humans originated on earth and not in space, the sun is not a star gate and quantum mechanics does not state that we create our own reality. Read more of this post

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