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The Texas Medical Board Puts Stanislaw Burzynski on Probation

Stanislaw Burzynski is a medical doctor in Texas that has promoted untested treatments for severe cases of cancer for decades and likely exploited hundreds of patients with terminal disease for large sums of money. After having escaped from the grasp of regulatory agencies several times, he faced increasing pressure from the Texas Medical Board during the last few years.

Now, a final order has been issued by the Board. His license is revoked due to multiple violations, but it is a stayed sentence while he is on probation. Unfortunately, the Board threw out several key charges that were leveled at Burzynski. At any rate, he is required to submit to monitoring for a substantial amount of time, ordered to pay administrative penalties and restitution as well as to take ethics courses, medical education and pass a crucial medical exam. Although his medical license is not gone yet, all he needs to do is screw up one more time and it might just be gone for good. However, if there is something we have learned from the Burzynski circus it is that he has an incredible ability to slip away from regulators.

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