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A Scientific Skeptic Watches “Born in the Wild” (North Dakota Episode)

Born in the Wild

“Born in the Wild” was a short-lived television series that ran on Lifetime during 2015. They followed several natural birth quacktivists who wanted to give birth in extreme locations, from the wilderness of Alaska to the snowy winter of North Dakota, often without properly trained medical personnel present. They demonize doctors and hospital births, while praised “natural” birth because humans used to do it in the past. For many science advocates, this is clearly just an appeal to tradition fallacy, but many homebirth activists does not see the problem. The show was essentially a combination of alternative medicine quackery with extreme narcissism of mothers who fantasize about the kind of “natural birth” that kills 300 000 mothers per year according to the WHO (see previous installments in this series).

The common intro for each episode involves a narrator explaining that “modern parents giving birth in the wilderness like their ancestors. No hospitals. No surgical intervention. No drugs. Just a choice. To return to the primal roots of humanity.” The show heavily features a very romantic view of a nature and the past. So far, episodes covered by Debunking Denialism has given birth in the Alaskan wilderness, the mountain plains of Utah and a blueberry farm in Georgia.

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