Debunking Anti-Vaccine

Swedish Anti-Vaccine Cranks Start Encroachment on Africa

Your worst nightmare just came true.

As you know, I have been keeping an eye on Swedish anti-vaccine cranks during the last few months, detailing their spread and debunking their claims in detail. They basically repeat the same old canards as their British and American counterparts, often not even bothering to translate it to Swedish, but just copy/paste intellectual defecation from places like Natural News. I generally considered them to have low potential impact on society at large. Their editor Linda Karlström had only given a few talks under the umbrella of marginalized conspiracy organizations and had not gotten any particular coverage in the news.

This was until I noticed a new press release on their website It just goes on and on, so I only wrote its central message below (my translation). want to each out to 115 million french-speaking Africans wants to reach out to larger groups that is suspected to lack knowledge about the risks an ineffectiveness of vaccines. Therefore, we want to reach as many as possible within french-speaking Africa to increase knowledge about risks and to stimulate an open debate.

This could, in a worst case scenario, dwarf the deaths of over 330000 people with HIV/AIDS under the regime of AIDS denialist Thabo Mbeki.

Now, the group behind is probably not well-funded or organized. Realistically speaking, their impact will probably be minor. However, they may help to mount an increased resistance against vaccination and contribute to thwarting efforts at eradicating vaccine-preventable diseases such as polio and measles.

If they join forces with other anti-vaccine organizations, we may be looking at major outbreaks that could have been prevented. They will have to spend the rest of their lives trying to wash their hands of the blood of innocent African children that died due to their anti-vaccine actions.


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