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Use This One Weird Trick to Take Back Control of Your Health

Do you care about your health, but never find time to do anything serious about improving it? Do you feel trapped in an unhealthy lifestyle and do not know what to do to change it? Are you experiencing vague and unspecific symptoms such as tiredness, headaches, or a lack of motivation?

Do you feel like you never know who or what to trust because newspapers and websites change their minds about what is healthy and what is dangerous almost every week? Feel confused and perplexed by strange and conflicting messages that you find on the thousands of health and wellness websites that are out there?

What if there was this one simple trick that you could use to take back control of your own health? What if this trick could potentially save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year that you can spend on important things and people who truly matters? What is this one weird trick is a trick that they do not want you to know about? A trick that they are actively trying to hide from you by spending millions of dollars on misinformation on television, social media and the Internet generally?

Debunking Denialism is proud to expose them and give you the truth. This one weird trick to take control of your health is this: stop using alternative medicine. It is virtually always ineffective and/or untested garbage and can even be dangerous to your health. Throw it all away. Right now.

Throw away your homeopathic cold pills

They do not work and cannot work. There are no effective treatments for colds and homeopathy is based on diluting some plant or animal part until there is statistically no molecules left of the active ingredient left. No, this does not make it more powerful. Go to your kitchen and mix some orange juice with water. Does it taste stronger the more you dilute it? No? That is because dilution makes it weaker and astronomically large dilutions makes it literally useless.

Toss herbal crap you bought on the Internet

It probably does not even contain the herbs that you were led to believe, but ornamental plants. It might also contain excessive levels of heavy metals and pesticides or other stuff that can damage your kidneys or in extreme cases kill you. Because the plants and products are grown and manufactured by quacks on the other side of the planet, there is unlikely to be any effective regulation that keeps heavy metals and pesticides at safe levels. Some fake treatments in Asian also actively and intentionally incorporate heavy metals into their products. If you use them frequently and over longer time periods, you might be harmed by them.

Stop drinking bleach

Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) is not a real treatment. It is ~30% sodium chlorite in distilled water, making it basically industrial bleach. Chlorine dioxide (CD) is a diluted version of this mixed with citric acid. Both are bleaches (which is a general chemical category and not just household bleach). Do not drink bleach. Also, do not force your autistic children to take bleach enemas. It won’t cure autism or improve symptoms, but it will corrode their intestines. The gut cells, bacteria and mucus that comes out are not actually parasites. Do not post pictures of this on Facebook or forums.

Trash your vitamins unless you have a clear need

You are almost guaranteed to get enough vitamins and minerals from your diet and the multivitamins contain way more of the vitamins than you need every day. Sometimes it is not harmful to get too much, but sometimes it can be. There may or may not be specific reasons why someone needs particular vitamins besides the two listed above, but those decisions should be based on real scientific evidence not some ignorant shit you found on social media. Certainly not a reason to consume large amounts of all kinds of vitamins. If you are a vegan or have a medically diagnosed vitamin deficiency, go ahead and use specific vitamins.

Do not put black salve on anything under any circumstances!

It is a corrosive paste that will give you horrible scars. It will not cure your skin cancer or any other medical condition or that matter. Quacks that make this stuff are completely unregulated so you have no idea what the concentration is or what other nasty stuff you might find in it. Never use it. It will burn and disfigure you and will not help with anything.

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Newborns do not need spinal adjustments

Do not take your child to a chiropractor. Newborn does not need spinal adjustments and neither do you. Chiropractors are not real doctors and their belief system is based on pre-scientific vitalistic ideas that go against everything we know about the nervous system. Sometimes they will even hold a newborn up-side-down or twist their necks until it makes a popping sound.

Detoxes are scams

You cannot “flush out toxins” by only drinking weird-tasting juices for a few weeks. Most people have a liver and two kidneys that can handle a lot of toxic substances just fine. If they break down, you do not suffer vague symptoms, but life-threatening symptoms.

Avoid quackery for mental health issues

If you have depression or suicidal thoughts, get real treatment like therapy and medication. Do not use dried fungus tea for serious mental illness. There is no evidence that it is safe or effective. In many cases, it is a type of fungus that grows on trees. All health claims submitted to the European Union have been rejected as not based on evidence, yet the quacks behind it continue to use many fake health claims.

Stop risking their lives with naturopathy

Take your sick children with meningitis to a doctor. David and Collet Stephan actively refused to take their 19-month old toddler Ezekiel to the doctor, despite the fact that he had meningitis. He suffered for almost two weeks before dying. Parents showed very little remorse their actions and made up predictable rationalizations. Thankfully, they were convicted.

Do not take your LGBT teens to conversion therapy

It is just a fanatical scam designed to brainwash healthy people who just happen to have a different sexual orientation or gender identity. It can also do real harm to them. Instead, accept your children as they are, tell them you love them no matter what and learn more about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues. Talk to them about condoms and let them have their partners over if they have one. Try to support them instead of being an asshole.

Instead of wasting money on alternative medicine, save it up for emergency expenses that you might face in the future. If that is not an issue, spent it on tasty foods or healthy habits. Try eating some fruits and vegetables. Eat a variety of food, but not too much candy or junk food. Do some exercise if you can. It might not be the most effective way to lose weight, but will improve general health. While you are at it, stop smoking. Try to keep alcohol intake at moderate levels at most, but it is okay not to drink either if you do not feel like it. Go get vaccinated to make sure your protection is up-to-date. Many people have chronic health conditions that there is very little they can do about. However, most people can at least throw away alternative medicine stuff that are untested, ineffective and/or harmful to them.


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8 thoughts on “Use This One Weird Trick to Take Back Control of Your Health

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  • Emil Karlsson,

    “Stop drinking bleach”

    Its kind of shocking, horrifying and amazing that people have to be told that they shouldn’t drink bleach. Off all the things you listed here, it seems like it should be the most obvious. Don’t cleaning supplies normally come with warning labels?

    • My friend, the rabbit hole goes much, much deeper than that.

      It turns out that they are not using household bleach (typically sodium hypochlorite), but buy solutions with sodium chlorite (MMS, the most highly concentrated version) or chlorine dioxide (CD, less strong) from alternative medicine sellers and none of them have warning labels.

      Here is the really scary part: bleach apologists actively deny that these are bleaches. They erroneously think bleach is only household bleach, when bleach is a category of chemicals. Chlorine dioxide is often used as bleach in pulp mills. Thus, people who use these products actively reject the notion that you are dealing with a bleach at all and likely think these are either harmless or that the harm shows that it is working.

    • Emil Karlsson,

      That is utterly terrifying. Just shows you really need to be careful where you get your information from.

    • Yeah, absolutely. The children who gets exposed to that “treatment” must feel like shit and then some parents believing that it works because it harms…Really makes you detest the MMS/CD sellers, but fortunately they are being investigated, convicted or forced into agreeing to never promote that stuff again. I think the legal system is winning over the big sellers, but slowly.

  • Emil Karlsson,

    “Do not take your LGBT teens to conversion therapy.”

    Believe it or not, that’s actually illegal in some states in the US now.

    California Ban on Gay Conversion Therapy Stands

    The Country’s First Openly Bisexual Governor Bans Gay Conversion Therapy In Her State

    Lawmaker Introduces Bill Banning Conversion Therapy in Mike Pence’s Name

    I’m really proud of the progress my country has made on this, in spite of the religious right. Too bad its still legal in most states here.

    Conversion Therapy Laws

    Are there any laws against “conversion / repairative therapy” in Sweden?

    • There are no laws in favor or against conversion therapy in Sweden. However (and I am exaggerating a bit), people here are more likely to see religious extremists who are anti-LGBT as needing psychiatric help than LGBT people. A decent overview of LGBT rights in Sweden can be found here.

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