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Welcome to the article library of Debunking Denialism. Here you will find hundreds of articles refuting different forms of pseudoscience.

This article library contain most of the articles posted on Debunking Denialism since the very start. They are arranged by category and date with the newest article in each category at the top.

Entries from the announcement category that deal with administrative issues and similar topics are excluded. Some posts that are less important are also not included. This means that each post here is filled to the brim with scientific skepticism.

Debunking Coronavirus Misinformation

Debunking Anti-Vaccine

Debunking “Alternative” Medicine

Debunking Anti-GMO

Debunking Natural Birth Nonsense

Debunking Anti-Psychiatry

Debunking Climate Denial

Debunking Creationism

Debunking HIV/AIDS Denialism

Debunking Genocide Denial

Debunking Race Pseudoscience

Debunking Misuse of Statistics

Debunking New Age Woo

Debunking Bad Science Journalism



Skepticism and Relationships


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